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Initally printed on 90gsm bright white paper. Issue two goes large - tabloid size at 289 x 380. This 48 page edition celebrates the work of individual artists, collaborations and more... Including: Printmaking, painting, a series of comics, creative writing, photography and poetry.


We understand that some of you would prefer to have the NURTURE issues avaliable to you via your phone or computer which is why we have created this digital version for you to enjoy.  



What's inside this issue?  

We begin with a look into art education... "An (Art) Education", written by Martine Rouleau reveals to us the artists journey out of education and into the real world, highlighting some of the pitfalls on the way. 


As for the artists in this issue we have, Sahara Longe, a painter who has just moved into a new studio in London. She will be sharing a collection of her latest paintings. In addition to the paintings, we have been fortunate enough to ask her some questions regarding her practice... 

Secondly, we have Seth Randall-Goddard whose showing a series of prints created from woodcuts, these works are enriched in story! 

Salomé Wu reveals some of her paintings and poetry. 

Lulua Alyahya, a recent graduate from the Slade. Lulua is sharing a series of oil paintings. Inspired by these paintings we have a short story written by Matthew Darby, co founder of NURTURE - to go alongside these works. 


Welcoming one of NURTURE's first collaborations, we have two friends A.Shank and Dane Turner. Dane is including a sequence of photographs, complimented by some of A.Shank's poetry. 

The second collaboration will feature a seres of comics. These comics were produced by writer Amy Dudgeon and illustrator Bertie Simpson. The two begun their collaboration in 2019 and the series of works is on the theme of 'being human'. 


Finally, we have a really interesting collaboration by 0k.Studios. Put together by friends: Ollie Wiggins and Kay Kimura-Dickinson, this project creates immersive dining experiences through the medium of both flowers and food.


We've also included a piece for those of you looking to take you first dip into buying art... We have put together a few pointers to help you gain the confidence you need to make that first connection.




Martine Rouleau

Sahara Longe

Seth Randall-Goddard

Salomé Wu

Lulua Alyahya


Dane Turner

Kay-Kimura Dickinson

Ollie Wiggins

Amy Dudgeon

Bertie Simpson

Elliot Higgs

Rick Sliwinski


NURTURE is produced by

Matthew Darby and Robert Pickstone 

NURTURE Issue Two Digital Version

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