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with the launch issue artists

We find out what makes BOKA leap out of bed in the morning...
If your life was a film genre what would it be? 
A sad tv comedy series…🎭

Day or night? 
I think night because I melt into it.

What inspires you? 

Chanel/their story telling, the history of the brand and the woman herself, Coco Chanel.

Did you grow up around art? 

I grew up around a very ordinary life, no art at all. But I was never satisfied so I relied on my imagination to create art, because my reality was too sad and colourless.
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A bit about Ned Green...
Are you reading a book at the moment? 

I’ve just finished Elif Batuman’s ‘The Idiot’, which I thought was rubbish, and am now reading Maggie O’Farrell’s ‘Hamnet’, which, so far, is a belter. 

How do you find writing lyrics compared to prose or poems?

I don’t really see a difference between them during the writing stage. I’m only really aware of those forms when it comes to editing and deciding on an output. Most of my work starts out as prose, and then depending on its contents/themes (and depending on whatever deadlines are looming), I will edit the work down and expand on it to fill the form. That being said, my prose, poems and lyrics, to a new reader, probably all read the same. 

I understand you have taken part in spoken word events… Is this process important to you in the way people receive your work?

No, not really. Open mic/spoken word events are really just good for socialising. It’s obviously good practice to read aloud, and hearing other people’s work can often be inspiring, but I don’t think it necessarily impacts the meaning or reception of my own work. 

Do you have hobbies outside of your work?

I’m really enjoying making marmalade at the moment. 
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Get to know Alyina Zaidi... 
Are you reading a book at the moment?

I am re-reading a book on the end of the Ottoman Empire called The Ottoman Endgame. I only managed to get a third of the way through last time I read it so have to start from scratch.

Do you have hobbies outside of your work?

At the moment, no. I’d very much like to take up gardening but I don’t have a garden in London!

Did you grow up around art?

Yes, I did grow up around art! My parents love collecting and there are a few artists in the family.

If your life was a film what genre would it be?

A magical realist film most probably.

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We asked Jeremy Stokes...
How do you find ways to unwind? 
I mostly unwind either by letting time slide away whilst in the good company of others, amongst nature, or simply being still. 

Are you reading a book at the moment? 

Fyodor Dostoevsky - White Nights

What was the last thing you bought that you loved? 

Not the thing itself, but what has / is coming from it. My ticket to Ukraine - where I am now, at this moment.

Do you prefer minimal or a cluttered space? 
Neither, I loath both. My Ideal is equilibrium in between, an assortment of such.
Get to know Sarah Savage...
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Get to know Sarah Savage... 
What inspires you?

I'm inspired by ideas. I love reading and I love reading in other languages, poems and stories and how they hold onto the imagination.

How do you find ways to unwind?

I find it difficult, even impossible to unwind when I cannot be on my own. I enjoy solitude especially in the forests where I meditate with nature, chant and become barefoot. I use the freedom of my choice to be and do what I need to do to be happy.

Did you grow up around art?

I grew up around music gatherings. My dad, brothers and sister would play in bands and in different genres (mostly blues) and while everyone played their music I would always be drawing somewhere in the pub or the stone houses. Now they are days contained only within memories that seems so old.

Have you watched anything that interested you lately?

The only question I cannot answer is the about watching something that has interested me as my interests can be complicated to explain.

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Nina Mdwaba - the power of words
Do you have hobbies outside of your work?

My hobbies are the art I make. It what I do in my free time. I also love swimming!

What inspires you?

Everyday life inspires me. Literally everything around me

What the last thing you received that you loved?

The last thing I received that I loved is a home cooked meal by my mom

After performing live in front of an audience... - Does that change you, do you feel different?

I feed off the energy of others so I’m definitely more energised after I perform