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 a secret plan has been hatched...

The first of many of NURTURE's 'artistic projects'. The idea behind this concept is to produce unique artworks which, alongside our publications and online content can provide you with additional content to enjoy. 

It's 2021 and unbeknownst to the world a secret plan has been hatched… A man named Rubeus bought 9 copies of NURTURE magazine issue one by pre order. However, this was no ordinary order…

Mr Rubeus is a scientist and for many years has been working on a project which he believes will change the world! 

He took the magazine back to his lab; put it in his time machine and sent it back in time. He believed the magazine ended up somewhere between 1880 to 1980. It's a big difference Mr Rubeus is aware of this, but the deed has been done! Now only time will tell… 

NURTURE, "The Time Machine", 2020

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OH NO! CLAUDE MONET DROPPED his copy of NURTURE magazine in and amongst his water lilies. Claude thought: Oh la la, quick! Best get it out… But then! He realised the perfect painting opportunity… The way the magazine spread its body across the water and the way the water caressed the pages. A match made in heaven, a perfect opportunity for plein air la peinture!

After arguing with Marie, I was in great distress and decided to walk around Paris for a while. I walked past Notre Dame to Shakespeare and Co. Outside was James Joyce and Sylvia Beach Whitman talking. I understood that this book entitled ‘Finnegan's Wake’ was recently Published in May. They are probably talking about his book I thought… Anyway I strolled past and Sylvia shouted: ‘Salut Pablo!’ I said ‘hi’ and Joyce nodded. She said: 'Have you heard of this magazine? It is called NURTURE magazine. We’ve no idea where it has come from or how it got it here, but it was on the newsstand this morning… Joyce said he believed he saw it in a Monet painting, but that was over 20 years ago…  It seems writing Finnegan’s wake has gotten to him a little… Anyway you should take it with you, I’m sure you could find something of interest in there…’ I said ‘okay thanks’ and strolled on. (By the way I never read the magazine, I’m not interested, but I did think it would make a nice object to paint…)  

Pablo Picasso, “Woman in chair with Nurture Magazine”, 1939

Claude Monet, “NURTURE with water lilies”, 1914

IT'S 9 AM; it is very cold outside so I am unable to go out into nature and paint. I really hate these winter months, I'm forced to work inside. I decided to paint this still life… It's my empty coffee cup and a magazine I recently read. 


In my paper this morning I found this magazine, entitled ‘NURTURE’ Magazine. I enjoyed it very much and found myself belonging in between the pages. Anyhow, when Theo came to visit, I showed him the magazine. He said: ‘What is this! I'm not interested in this’ To my surprise what I showed him was not the same magazine I read… I scrambled around my already messy room looking for it. No luck. 


I was perplexed, I thought it was a magazine about art. Now Theo thinks I hallucinated the whole thing… Perhaps I did…

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Frida Kahlo, "Self Portrait", 1926

Vincent Van Gogh, “Still life”, 1888

Under Frida’s new box of paints and brushes was a copy of NURTURE magazine. Her dad must have picked it up, thinking that Frida may enjoy reading it, that it may inspire her to paint in some ways. However, the only inspiration Frida needed was her own life.

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Hi my name is Stephanie... I am sitting for Alberto Giacometti. He is doing a painting of me. He begs me to come back every single day to add more to his portrait - a portrait I cannot yet see. But he says he is having no luck, that he can't make it work.


Anyway, it has been great, being in the company of such a profound artist, and to watch him 'take off' as it were, is just... brilliant. 


I walked past his studio, "Bonjour Alberto", I shouted through the window, (he usually greets me at the door). Today he ignored me and I said: "Sault" again... and again; he ignored me. 

It appears he was engrossed in something. I knocked, again I knocked. He shouted, "WHAT! Can't you see I'm busy!" "But our sitting", I exclaimed. "Ach shove your sitting! Come back tomorrow I'm reading".


Out of the corner of my eye I saw a magazine - NURTURE magazine it was called. What is this magazine I thought, that it is more important than our sitting? I didn't think I was important or anything but rather yesterday he was so determined to work the portrait out.


Well I can only presume the magazine must be good... 

I'VE BEEN IN FRANCE FOR A WHILE NOW and every morning I like to begin my day with a cup of coffee and a walk. Whilst on my walk, I went past a newsstand along the Seine - there was this magazine that caught my eye, so futuristic! I had to buy it. 

Unfortunately however, I couldn't bring it into the studio, as the graphic on the front would disrupt the flow. So, I went to my usual cafe and read through the magazine. 

I have to say there were some very inventive ideas in there. Something that caught my eye however, the dates… 2020, 2019, etc. I thought of course! But these things don't necessarily fit my visions for the future.. In that, I left the magazine on the table and went on my way. 

When I got home I transmuted my feelings, my thoughts of that recent experience into a painting… 

Piet Mondrian, “Composition of Nurture Magazine in Black, White and Red”, 1937

Alberto Giacometti, "Still Life in the Studio", 1950


DUNCAN HAS JUST RETURNED home from his usual Sunday morning walk - (Duncan Grant by the way). Virgina has been off to London for the last few days and we are expecting her return today. (Virgina Woolf)

Virginia returned home, I have to say her temperament was rather indifferent, she seemed bogged down by her trip. Usually if one goes to the capital we like to hear about all things they have seen and got up to. We sit down and the traveller shares the tales of their trip. 

Virginia sat down;  we all sat around her... And then she got out this magazine from her bag. For me I’d never seen anything like it, none of us had. The front cover I found to be quite startling, I remember being shocked by it. 

The inside was just as shocking. We spoke about it for days gone by. In fact the magazine still remains to be a subject of conversation among us.

Basquiat is painting in his studio… Somebody comes in. 

“What! I’m sick of people coming in here saying, ‘I want red, I want green, this is too messy, can you mess it up some more.  Perhaps you can paint a sink so it goes in my bathroom. Perhaps you can jus…”

“Erm hi, I'm just here to drop this magazine off for you.” 

“Oh sorry about that, i didn't mean t…” 

“No it's fine, I thought you might like it.”

“Thank you.”

He looks up and she’s gone. 

Jean Michel thought: Lots of people come through here,  but she… She was weird. So was the magazine actually, but it gave me some things to think about. 

Vanessa Bell “Window - Still Life with Magazine”, 1915

Jean Michel Basquiat, “Business and Art”, 1981


In the words of Lynette: 

I’m quite confused seeing this picture as I do not remember ever painting it... Anyhow, it is signed by me, and it's definitely the way I paint - from the appearance, to the small nuances that only I would be aware of.  The date states 2026 and it’s  2021. So if I'm honest... I'm a little spooked as I said I have painted this but I haven't... 



Mr Rubeus feels as though his plan of changing the world, (through the injection of art and new technologies into the past), has failed miserably. As the magazine has gone back in every other timeline but his. 

Unfortunately, Mr Rubeus isn’t a visionary nor a psychic, and he believes the new-age idea coined as ‘‘channeling’ is a bunch of bull. Because of this he has no idea how the future of other timelines turned out.  

Mr Rebeus isn't completely disappointed, as now he has a lot of other stuff to be getting on with… Like fixing his time machine, and perhaps looking into the destiny of all these other parallel timelines… 

He also must consider that one of the magazines ended up in the future somehow…Which technically means his machine is broken.

So all in all we are back at the start. It would seem Mr Rubeus has changed the fate of many lives. But in the sphere of his own life -  the earth he inhabits... Absolutely nothing has changed. 

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, “Thinking About the Future”, 2026

Editor's note: 

You may think the ending is slightly underwhelming to this story given the grandiose idea of changing the past through the teleportation of an object. For Mr Rubeus it is a great shame that his plan of changing the world has failed.  Although, for myself and I think for this I dare to speak on behalf of the whole world - I think this ending is perfect. 

To use the word perfect, life is perfect the way it is. We wouldn't be who we are if it wasn't who and what has made us. If Mr Rubeus’ plan had succeeded perhaps we would all have very different lives. But who can know what this would mean? In truth, parallel timelines cross us with every decision we have to make, but we should not dwell and allow this to hinder our journey but rather trust in self and in the world that we are going in the best direction for us. 

We have also made a video to go alongside this series... This video is a sort of behind the scenes/making of. if you are interested in seeing the video click the photo...

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